Gucci officially enters Roblox with new virtual plaza ‘Gucci Town’

Gucci Town, Gucci’s virtual plaza on the global online platform Roblox, was unveiled, following in the footsteps of Gucci Garden, creating a permanent digital space for the growing Gucci community on the platform to further share immersive experiences. Gucci Town is a vibrant place where visitors can interact with classic elements of the brand, discover Alessandro Michele’s brilliant ideas, express their own personalities and engage with members of the global community.

Gucci Town will offer a series of continuously updated activities that extend the core concept of Roblox and promote community connection through shared creative experiences. Visitors walking from Central Square to Mini Game Heights can walk through a virtual portal to the arena and participate in some games based on Gucci, such as Tile Takeover or Rising Tides; visitors to the Creative Corner can experiment with different patterns, colors, and shapes, and exhibit their work alongside other guest artists. Visitors to the Creative Corner can experiment with different patterns, colors, and shapes and exhibit their work alongside other guest artists.

In the virtual Vault Plaza, a branch of the Gucci Vault in Roblox, the community can enter an exhibition space and experience the inspiration of the brand’s experimental concept shop, Gucci Vault, through creative conversations that run wild. Around the corner is the Gucci Shop, where visitors can shop a wide range of digital Gucci products to create their own fashion looks. Notable items include the Gucci Blondie, a replica of the brand’s iconic handbag designed by Alessandro Michele, as well as some limited edition pieces. The digital fashion items take advantage of Roblox’ ‘Layered Clothing technology to create tailored and realistic 3D clothing for any size doppelganger, giving users the freedom to express their true selves through unique styling.

Finally, the Power-up Place Café is a space for community members and friends to meet and mingle over small breaks. The spaces in Gucci Town will be updated regularly with new content as the brand moves forward, so keep an eye out for those interested.

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